Tiles of the Unexpected

In Tiles of the Unexpected, your main goal is to clear every single one of the tiles. Catch coordination with tiles that are adjacent to each other and remember there are 2 layers! We eliminate at least two indistinguishable pictures. The game is essentially the same as mahjong, except that all nearby tiles are eliminated, paying little attention to their level plan. Tiles of the Unexpected is a tile coordinating puzzle game where the player must clear two layers of tiles. Towards the beginning of the game, players can tap the mixtures of indistinguishable tiles to match them. This can also reveal new mixtures. The chain responses that occur when pieces of tiles fall down or to the side will gain the player a large chunk of a bomb. The moment there are no more legal melds left on the board, the player must use the bombs to collect the remaining tiles. There are three levels to complete and each level adds new tiles to the game.