3D Space Shooter

One of the states of the earth's inhabitants, located on one of the planets at the edge of the Galaxy, was attacked by a group of room owners. Your face serves as a space soldier whose crew rests in the countryside. He must join the battle and repel the intruders. You in the 3D Space Shooter game will help him in this. In front of you on the screen you will see your saint, equipped with all kinds of weapons with different weapons. It will be located in the city block. You will use the control keys to make it move forward. Look carefully at the screen. When you spot the enemy, point your weapon at him and open a detachment to kill. With the right shot you will destroy the enemy and get focus on him. You can use explosives if necessary. Remember that you will be terminated in the same way. In this way, try to hide behind the dividers of structures or various items that are scattered in the city. Lead your group to triumph in this space shooter game. Orbit the space station while experiencing low gravity in this enjoyable game filled with games. Collect different weapons, collect welfare packages and help your group buy tricks from your opponents. Avoid disasters and rob opponents while trying to win.