A Pretty Odd Bunny: Roast It!

In A Pretty Odd Bunny: Roast It!, the secretive bunny with a peculiar hunger is back! He chases senseless pigs and eats them impeccably, while keeping himself out of suspicion of various rabbits. Use all your rabbit skills to sneak past obstacles and avoid detection. Collect each of the secret hotdogs throughout all 20 levels of the game and see if you can track the secret mystery to the end. Could you at some point fulfill your desire for perfectly cooked pork while keeping your mystery safe?

Welcome to In A Pretty Odd Bunny: Roast It. A truly strange rabbit with an unusual desire returns. As we recall from the opening segment, our legend does not eat carrots, but still prefers pork. His congeners don't understand that it's him, but someone eats pigs anyway, so the clocks are set everywhere. This time the rabbit's inclinations have changed a bit; he currently only eats flawless roast pork. Your legend will find senseless pigs calmly eating grass in the hill and eat them flawlessly, while staying away from the suspicion of various rabbits.

A delightful green forest may seem sweet and enchanted, but the equivalent cannot be said for its inhabitants. There are extremely unusual bunnies here, and one of them will turn out to be your main person you want to go hunting with. Moreover, by coincidence, the chase is not so much for carrots or various vegetables, but for a pig, which will thus have to be roasted. Step-by-step instructions on how to do this and how it is possible, see further!