Blumgi Dragon

Blumgi Dragon is an adorable action game where you transform into a wide range of amazing winged snakes engaging in thrilling field battles against bombastic enemies! The mission is to rescue individual winged snakes caught by these dangerous opponents. The ongoing interaction is clear: one tap or click fires a fireball, while another tap magically transports you into the fireball area. The most amazing aspect? Cooperate with companions to control your mythical beasts together! Is it true that you are ready to become the ultimate dominant mythical beast?

The Blumgi Dragon is a small winged snake that, despite its small size, can stand on its feet, shooting huge fireballs erupting from its small mouth. In addition, after becoming a member in a fun arcade, he must fight unusual dark animals that have haunted his brilliant world. Blumgi Dragon needs help and the faster you help the child, the faster he will start playing.