Blumgi Slime

Blumgi Slime is an arcade game that will test your timing and targeting abilities carefully as you jump to the finish line. You control an adorable funny person who can move by bouncing. Hold down the activity button to channel your solidarity - the longer you hold it, the higher and more seriously you'll jump. Ignore different types of obstacles to reach the checkered stage. Each stage will introduce something fun and quirky in this game from new varieties to obstacle types. You will see the value of the perfect combination of challenge and bright climate while playing Blumgi Slime. Could you at some point complete the levels in their entirety?

Pick up the pace and jump into the web-based game Blumgi Slime, where you'll try your hand at working as an adorable little slime. She bounces extremely interestingly! A great arcade game with a beautiful design and wonderful music. A simple and addictive stage game with a moderate layout and natural controls consists of 150 levels. They will help you test your ability, answer and reasoning and likewise engage you in your spare time.