Cooking Festival

Cooking Festival is a simple cooking game where you embark on a global culinary experience! Unleash your inner culinary expert as you head to the far corners of the planet, preparing delectable dishes that will tantalize the taste buds. From light applesauce to sizzling ribs, authentic Italian pizzas to brilliant frozen yogurt, enjoy the craft of cooking with just a tap. Explore dynamic urban communities like San Francisco, Naples and Berlin and marvel at famous tourist spots along the way. Join food festivals, participate in exciting competitions and unlock many events to raise your culinary skills. Intrigue unusual visitors such as the Mythical Serpent of the Feast, the Geisha and the Light Bear to receive selective rewards. Redesign your dining establishments with more than 250 delicious dishes and mesmerizing decorations. With over 900+ stages to overcome, Culinary Festival anticipates your culinary abilities.

A culinary celebration takes place today in the city's focal park. You are in another exciting web based game Cooking Festival you will help a young lady named Elsa to participate in it. In front of you on the screen you will see the kitchen counter of your champion. Customers will move towards it and ask for different dishes which will be displayed near the guests as pictures. The young lady will have specific groceries available. Using them, you have to place the given dishes and give them to the customers. For this, the young lady in the Cooking Festival game will receive a contribution.

Welcome to the universe of delicious and basic cooking! Today you will start your culinary excursion from a small food truck and prepare simple, well-known dishes. To become a wonderful gourmet specialist and appreciate high cooking, you need to start with the most direct recipe and make it wonderful. How about we step up your skills and step up to the big culinary celebration where every young gourmet expert can show off their skills. are you playing Then, at this point, how about we hit the road.