Frankenstein Go

Frankenstein Go is a riddle game in which you control Frankenstein and help him overcome difficulties to save his beloved. For more games like this, you can really check out Adam and Eve Go. Frankenstein ran away from his master, who did. Our saint, having smelled the scent of opportunity, chose to go on a journey and explore the world. Frankenstein Go will help him with this experience. Your person will be noticeable on the screen in front of you, which will be in a certain region. Use the control keys to coordinate its activities. Your saint must continue to collect various articles scattered wherever they are in a hurry. Coming, different types of traps can appear. The legend under your control must bypass them all or simply bypass them. Frankenstein needs your help to save his better half of the forces of insidiousness! Frankenstein must save his beloved, but to achieve this, he must solve interesting mysteries and sneak past the frightening opponents. Climb stepped stools, go around obstacles and entrances to go through the beautiful but disturbing levels. During his trip you will meet many companions who will help you save your loved one in case you help them track their lost articles. When you return the goods they took, they will probably give you a key, which clearly opens up many closed ways of investigation! Collect mystical mixtures during your trip and open shocking new appearances for Frankenstein to dazzle your loved one! Is it true to say that you are ready to help Frankenstein and join the most terrifying but most amazing experience of the year?