Gibbets Bow Master

Only a true expert who has impeccably dominated the bow can save the terrible hanging tree that now hangs on the rope and will fall off. Until their spirit says goodbye to the body, immediately aim and shoot at the rope to cut it with a sharp bolt. The helpless individual will fall to the ground, but he will stay alive and the century will be grateful to you. In case you miss nothing, it happens, the best case scenario. Also, at best, you will find yourself in the one you need to save and hasten his death, which is usually not great. But this can also be the situation and the circumstance can be corrected if the next shot is fired quickly and frankly. Watch the rock above the peaks of the catastrophic, in case it gets dark, he will kick the bucket. The number of bolts is limited, try to use every chance to save them or add them to the Gibbets Bow Master. Help the child save from the room, cut the rope and run a finger! stay away from obstacles and squeeze. Save the man, He is limited and bound in the room.