Graffiti Time

Graffiti Time is a stealth-based platform game where you sneak through the streets and spread your fine art throughout the city without being detected by the police. You have your handy dandy shower paint and tons of it in your gun store. What's more, you have a variety of cool stickers that you can modify and stick on vehicles, seats, trash cans, etc. Use your hardware to paint the roads with no holds barred as you prefer! Anyway, be careful as the police safety officers will try to catch you. There are many levels loaded with innovation and testing puzzles. Do you have the creativity to complete the entire game?

Get around the city by showing off your mastery of the road in this silly puzzle game! Score as much as you can expect and reach the Goliath shower paint can to complete each level. A few items even take into account freehand tag, so you can change your major! Watch out for bot cops or you'll go downtown and your good times will be over.

Do you like to spray paint? Assuming that's the case, don't forget to play this amazing game. Your duty is to spray everything, vehicles, walls and so on. The main task is to get the brilliant key and reach the completion. Caring should be practiced primarily for cops.

Mr. Fat Cap has chosen to travel the world to make some meaningful change with his adorable spray paint! Is it true or not that you are in for a special experience as you jump, try not to get caught by the police and paint with bright shower paint in Graffiti Time?

Fly with speed thanks to the tension coming out of the paint cans and crash in places practically far from the game as you paint vehicles and stamp them with your mark, make the roads look delightful and bright because of your specialty and take off fast by chance you really want to you do gymnastic tricks on your skateboard to earn extra money.

Graffiti Time is a beginner platformer where you play as an ice skating and spray painting character traversing universes.

Stay away from robots trying to catch you. Make the roads look great again.

Ride the smaller than normal cruiser board and do kickflips for extra cash.