Happy Glass Puzzles 2

In Happy Glass Puzzles 2, get ready to test your abilities through different levels and modes. The cup with a happy face is back and wants to play with you. Could you keep it upbeat by completing different destinations? There is a lot to do in this game! The game highlights 3 distinctive game modes with multiple levels, so you better start now. The main mode has the sample ongoing interaction you're familiar with from different titles in the arrangement. Your goal here is to fill the cup with water to the brim by controlling the progress of the water. Use the mouse to draw lines to make the water arrive in the cup. In case the glass falls or you can't make it to the line, you lose. The next mode is some serious testing. You try to eliminate the items below the glass without making it fall by tapping on them. Be careful! You have to make sure the glass stays adjusted! In the latter mode, you try to reverse the glass in the objective position. Just click and drag to do so. You acquire coins with each level you complete. You can spend them to change the atmosphere of your glass and the shade of the water.