Join Scroll Run

Join Scroll Run is a fun, irresistible expert game in which you have to control a little man who rolls on roads laden with obstacles and potholes, and walk with others to reach the end goal. Start moving your way to the farthest limit of each stage and gather other little characters to make a bigger wheel. The more people join your bike, the bigger the buttons and holes you pass, the more obvious you will lose some of the small pieces in the back. Try to complete each stage with any numbers that are reasonably expected to get more coins and open new characters. Have fun with this free web based game! Join Scroll Run is an intriguing new game in which you participate in a rivalry group. The commander of your group will be visible on the screen in front of you, which will remain on the starting line. At the sign, he will run down the street and continue slowly. You have to look at the screen. Your colleagues will be on the way. They will be in the same tone as your man. You need to contact them on the run. Then at this point they will run with your saint. In the same way, there will be various deterrents that your group needs to circumvent. Try not to let the characters bump into her. With all that in mind, if that happens, they may be out of the race.