Mahjong African Dream

Chinese mahjong is regarded as possibly the most famous puzzles on the planet. Today in Mahjong African Dream you can play it yourself. Bones lying on the battlefield will be visible on the screen before you. They will have drawings dedicated to a nation like Africa. You need to carefully examine everything and find two indistinguishable pictures. From this point on, you select with a mouse click the two elements on which they are depicted. Therefore, you will remove them from the battlefield and get focus for it. Remember that you have to clear the battlefield of bones in the shortest possible time. In case you like the looseness of the Mahjong game, make sure you try the Mahjong Africa web game. It is anything but a unique plan enhanced by brilliant African scenes, highly unique themes and decorations. Choose any Mahjong piece from numerous types and start the fascinating interaction of matching tiles two by two.