Mosaic Artimo

A spicy tiger named Artimo likes to invest energy in solving various riddles and puzzles. Today in the new exciting game Mosaic Artimo you will be with him in this. In front of you on the screen you will see a specific mathematical state of the battlefield. Inside it will be divided into six-sided cells. In some of them you will see the recorded number one. On the right you will see a board with a certain number of blue hexagons. You have to fill the battlefield with these things. To do this, touch the blue hexagon, move it to the battlefield and notice it in the place you really want. So as you take action, you will draw using the blue hexagon drawing. In case something does not work out for you, then at this point there is help in the game that will show you the sequence of your activities in the game Mosaic Artimo. Mosaic Artimo is a puzzle game for nonsense that will keep your advantage to solve any riddle! Plan to put together excellent workmanship, intriguing riddles and Artimo will give you remarkable pleasure. Assemble and complete a set of squares to form different items.