MudWars is an awesome .io game where you control a tank and have to fight different opponents in a field full of mud! Before you start, you can choose your username, tank skin, and work area. When you enter the battle, you have to go around the driver and take shots at the gold pieces scattered on the ground - crushing a piece gives you XP and allows you to level up your tank. The moment your tank arrives at the next level, you are allowed to focus in detail - you can use these focuses to improve reload speed, damage, well-being, recovery limit, energy and energy. Next to the focus guide, the edge is full of mud - this makes it easier for you to progress and you have to ride your tracks to make your way through it. Inside the mud, you'll find bigger chunks that will give you a more prominent measure of XP, but you'll also be more powerless to harm your opponents! As you progress, your tank becomes even more impressive and you can manage to decimate your opponents! Could you become the champion of MudWar?