is a wonderful multiplayer game where you have to try to survive and have a good time in the epic city of Nend. This game is all about endurance and you have to deal with different parts of your character like health, strength and energy. You have to find a job to bring in money and then use it to buy food and supplies to get by. You have to watch out for different parts in the city - they will try to attack you and throw you out, but you can do that too, so be proactive and try to take them out first. Tackle every part of your life and try to thrive in the magnificent and fascinating city of Nend! In the present game you will have to do your best to find some work for your character and move forward. There will be updates on wellness, strength and energy. Try to hold on and get a new line of work. Bring enough money to last another day. You will act like real adults in this game. Take an example of a hairstyle and get busy yourself.