Ninja Hands

Ninja Hands is an arcade game where you play as a ninja. Use combinations of hand poses to convey ninja powers. Learn new combos, rework your powers and modify your ninja in Ninja Hands. Use different button combinations to launch different attacks. You can shoot fireballs, throw shurikens, use a samurai blade and much more. You can make your ninja hands even more noticeable in the ability menu by speeding up your movements. Accompanying your reworked abilities are new vitality and more ferocious abilities. At the start of each round, you are offered two prize decisions. These elevators in the game can be anything from dynamite that carries a turkey to a guardian bear that helps fight baddies. Now is the perfect time to step into the shoes of a wild ninja champion in Ninja Hands game as you use your magnificent powers to save the existence of your companions from the clutches of dangerous enemies ready to take your life in a split second. Explore the climate around you and join 3 hand gifts with new powers that will allow you to send out a variety of powerful attacks that can disrupt, freeze or dismember the people trying to hold you back. Could you at some point reduce them as a whole individually? Brave ninjas today have to enter the enemy camp and wipe out their leader. You in the game Ninja Hands will help him in this battle. In front of you on the screen you will see the street along which your legend will move. On his way there will be various snares and deterrents that he must defeat under your authority. When you spot the enemy, choose a weapon using an unusual board on which symbols will be found. Choosing, for example, a sword, you will meet in a duel with the enemy. By hitting you have to wipe out the opponents. For this you will be given tricks in the game Ninja Hands and you will actually want to get rewards that have dropped from the opponent. Ninja Hands is an arcade game where you play as a ninja who has to project ninjutsu spells with his hands to defeat villains and save young ladies. Learn new ninjutsu combos over time, increase your powers and redesign your ninja to suit your style.