Ninja Mouse

Ninja Mouse is a puzzle scene game where you are an adorable mouse looking for food. Infiltrate houses and track cheddar through cupboards, drawers, wardrobes, sofas, safes and basically anything you can touch! There are bouncy puzzles, obstacles, traps, and most of all, cunning cats ready to find you right in the middle of the action. Stay out of their sight, time and plan your moves well and hit the point where no one is looking. In case you can't sneak past a cat, jump and step on its head to incapacitate it. Try to collect as many stars as you can, considering that getting each one of 150 will open an extraordinary reward level and you will love this shock. Also, remember that you can bypass a level if you happen to get stuck. Do you have what it takes to collect every star and piece of cheddar? Help this little ninja escape with the mouse from his opponents, crossing the stream. Calculate the point and power of his jumps.