Onet Gallery 3D

The sample circle of associated combo squares in Onet Gallery 3D took on a completely unique look when the squares became three-dimensional. On each level in front of you will be a pyramid or figure with multicolored square shapes. You need to slowly destroy the squares, finding sets of similar shadows and connect them with scanty lines that may be close to the right points. Please note that there should be no different components in the path of the association. The moment the whole structure is killed, you will see it flawless again, but in a reduced size with turns, as in an advertising show. The mystery you have collected will go to your own lively exhibition in Onet Gallery 3D. Are you ready for some fun Onet Connect entertainment in a different and loosening 3D? Then, get ready for Onet Gallery 3D! No time pressing factor and stress in any way, just a genuine loosening of Onet's fun. Interface squares with similar shading to each other to make them disappear. In any case, watch out for different squares that obstruct the path, refer to the properly aligned sheets. Once you have effectively arranged the board, you can watch the remarkable figures in your own exhibition. Sounds weird? Then, at this point, burn in no time and complete your wonderful Onet gallery!