Perfect Tongue

Perfect Tongue is a cool reaction game in which you have to control a person's tongue to eat all the delicious food and beware of horrible things. This free web-based game provokes you to control only a huge, wonderful language that comes through your mouth. Just take out your tongue and lick every piece of cake and other fragrant treats and at any moment you see something disgusting, too spicy or just as destructive as a blade or laser, roll up your tongue. How many levels would you be able to complete? Spend good times playing this free online game Perfect Tongue! Run your sweet tooth in this cute, 3D activity game! You control a 3D head that crosses a table containing desserts and various food sources. Stay away from anything that is not sweet! Turn your man's tongue flawlessly to achieve the highest result and eat every dessert you can! Eating food is probably the most enjoyable minute in everyday life. However, for dinner, lunch or breakfast to be charming, the food must be delicious. Our language is responsible for this. It has a huge number of taste buds that perceive sharpness, pleasantness, sharpness, salt, etc. In "Perfect Language" you will meet a well-known pig who appreciates a wide range of luxuries. And yet he especially loves cakes and pies. In this sense, when a fast food rivalry was announced, he quickly agreed to take an interest in it. The conditions are surprising - the legend must move on the table with his tongue out without seeing what is on it. You will control the interaction and make the person hide their tongue when hot peppers, mustard or something worse appears in Perfect Tongue. In this enjoyable game you will probably skillfully lick all the food on the table! Different types of delicious foods will appear, such as hams, chocolates, cupcakes and pastries. And yet, beware! In fact, various things are scattered on the table, like pepper, ice and even nonsense! So watch out.