Snail Bob 8

In Snail Bob 8: An Island Story, Snail Bob appreciated a quiet day fishing with his grandfather. In any case, as often happens in the important life of Snail Bob, things from time to time remain calm for a long time! A naughty monster made Bob and his grandfather isolated. In this eighth part of the Snail Bob game, Bob sails out of the fishing hole and heads to a tropical island. Could you help solve the mysteries and escape from the inhabitants of this tropical sky? Try to help Bob find his way back to his grandfather. Wee went from joking about getting a mermaid to a surprising trip to an invisible island full of dangers. What an emotional change! The excellent desert covers many mysteries behind the lush greenery and you will have to face various difficulties in Snail Bob 8: Island Story. In fact, as with the various games in this addictive riddle, your goal is to control Bob through the levels, providing him with a safe way to travel. Make sure Bob can arrive at the exit without being caught or slaughtered! From magma pools to carnivorous plants, there are numerous risks to avoid. Click on the various fasteners and switches to initiate the moving stages, activate secret systems and this is just the beginning! Weeve is very scared of the risks posed by this remote island, so he is in a serious hurry to move away. Unfortunately, this means that he does not constantly pay enough attention and is very inclined to sink directly into the snare! Try to drive fast and advise Bob exactly when to stop, turn or accelerate. Could you help Bob get off the island and find his way home?