Stack Colors

In Stack Colors you have an extremely basic goal - to collect objects of a certain tone and get as many of them as possible to the final goal. You have some control over your personality and its tone also affects the shade of the items you want to receive. Likewise, you should stay away from objects of different varieties, as getting them will cause you to lose those of your variety, and when you lose every single one of them, it's all over. Also, there are places where variety can change quickly and you have to react quickly to get the right item.

Stack Colors will make you crazy for the most part with euphoria and couple with its difficulties! You have to help this with some taunting to collect the plates and reach the final goal. This mission may seem simple to you, but do not fail to understand the situation. You will face numerous obstacles along the way and the biggest challenge is to collect exactly the same shade plates as the person's tone. Right now, if you are ready, we have to start the game!

You will only have one person in this game, but the goal is primary. The game gives you three lines loaded with 3 different shades of plates. You have to help the elastic collect these plates with your skin as it passes. You have some control over the rubber band with the mouse or with the console bolts. The man's shadow changes as he passes through the lightning entrances. You should approach the game cautiously on the grounds that one wrong step to collect different varieties will reduce the amount of collected. As you progress through levels, you'll acquire coins to use to swap your current skins for better ones. In the accompanying levels you will acquire currencies during the level too in case you can collect them! Watch out for obstacles coming your way. Every time you reach the final goal, you have to tap the mouse to make the most striking shot and earn as many focuses as you can.

Stack Colors is a hyper-casual game where you move sideways to collect shaded blocks. Line up as many tones as can reasonably be expected and push them over the finish line with as much force as possible for a big prize multiplier.

Drag your personality from left to right to arrange them according to the correct tone. You can get blocks that are similar to the ones you are holding. You lose blocks and your fever advances if you assume you step on any unacceptable variety.

Keep lining up the right pitch with no missteps to go into frenzy mode. In fever mode, everything is similar variety and you can get every one of the blocks in one! Obstacles are also removed, so you're basically a powerful variety gathering machine in a short amount of time.

Grab as many blocks as is reasonable and tap quickly around the end goal to kick your blocks into the distance. The more blocks you have and driving you use, the further they will go.