Get ready for a crazy point-and-click puzzle experience with Stupidella! In this rendition of the story, Cinderella did not transform into her normal self when the clock struck twelve. All things considered, she became a Fool! She is currently on a worldwide adventure, finding herself involved in a wide range of insane circumstances. Escape dangerous sharks, dominate a battle or slay a mythical beast - Stupidella can do it all! All she wants is your help to find the right arrangement, which is usually not difficult to track down. Sit back and relax in the event that you linger on a problematic level, you can constantly ask for a help track to help you track down the right arrangement. Could you at some point help Stupidella through all her insane predicaments?

We welcome all fans to think about solving riddles to go on a trip with an interesting person who was once called Stupidella, but for reasons relying on her, she became Stupidella. Why this happened and what prerequisites await the young lady in a peculiar world of two varieties can be understood by turning to Stupidella's assistant, who deals with complex and in some cases funny problems.