Temple Quest

In Temple Quest, prepare to uncover the mysterious riches of a long-neglected place! Aged sections may seem solid, but you can still feel the ground beneath your feet shudder. Run for your life and don't forget to get everything you can in transit! Coins, pearls and guarantees of various wealth make every adventurer dare the obsolete spots. In any case, courage is not enough! You have to be witty to get away from the traps and various obstacles. Like various games of similar class, the objective of this game is really basic. You have to keep running as far as you can in an endless level. Try not to confuse this with your usual performance! Traps, obstacles and many different difficulties keep you firmly in this game. To protect yourself from them, you can use the wrenches. Press the up bolt button to jump over objects and the down bolt button to slide under others. Use the left and right bolts to switch sides. On your way you will see coins scattered around. Collect as many of them as you can. You can spend them in the shop to upgrade 4 distinctive catalysts. In the upper right corner of the screen, you can see the distance you have traveled and the amount of coins you have accumulated. How far do you want to run?