Vector Rush

Vector Rush is a game showing parkour to get out of the tremor to jump from one structure to another. Vector Rush is an online parkour game in which you control your man, who will run constantly. Your goal will be to take advantage of the ideal opportunity to overcome a wide range of obstacles. In the same way you will jump in the middle of the structures and so on. There are a total of 15 levels that keep you in the game and their problems will obviously continue to expand as you continue to play. The coins you buy can be spent on various stunts for your man, so you can look like a real expert while jumping in and out of town. You can also play the game on your phone. We offer the game sincerely. A giant fire started in a huge business located in the city center. A young man named Jack was prevented by a fire at the highest level. At the moment he has to escape from the fire and in the game Vector Rush you will help him in this. Your saint scattered in the aisle will jump out the window. After crushing him, he will be on the roof. Currently, vigorously sought after by fire, it will run on top of the structure. Coming, there will be various obstacles and disappointments. You will use the control keys to make it jump. In this way, he will fly through the air through this cargo of dangerous regions. Remember that if we assume that you do not have the opportunity to answer, your saint will either break down or catch fire and swallow alive. Vector Rush is here to give your legs an exercise. Everything was going amazingly, but one morning it all changed. The fiasco hit the city and now the once vibrant and dynamic city is just a phantom city. Do you want to be part of the ghosts or take the necessary steps to endure and live to tell the story? It all started one morning. A terrible storm came from the west and cleared everything in its path. Unfortunately, you are something or something that replaces his direction. You have only one choice: run! Jump out of the construction window and get ready to perform stunning tricks like Tom Cruise! You could really live at that time. Your goal is to reach the finish line in each level by conquering obstacles. To control your man, all you want is your mouse. When you see a hole between the structures, press the left mouse button and drag the mouse cursor up to jump. The moment you see an obstacle, you want to slide down. There are countless holes, spikes and various obstacles that get in your way. The storm is also chasing you, so you have to be really fast. Try not to think back and move fast to survive this experience. Collect each of the currencies and various collectibles to open up great new scams. Are your reflexes fast enough to help you withstand this fiasco? Best of luck!