Voodoo Doll

Different black magic customs use unique objects or items. The Indians made an extraordinary Voodoo doll, over which various controls were carried out. With the help of unusual customs, the doll received an association with the person to whom it planned to send black magic. At the time the doll was made, essentially something from the object was used: hair, nails. Tracking the doll, the alchemist directly tracked the individual. In the Voodoo Doll game, we will not torture anyone except our virtual doll, which is not related to anyone, so you can relax and enjoy the game. The commitment is to make fun of the article, you can imagine that the one you, at the very least, don't overvalue. Just click on the character and make him dispose of the gold coins. On them you can later buy different types of weapons and different things that you can push, cut, shoot or inflatable sex toys.