Zombie Mission 10

Zombie Mission 10 continues with the Prison Breakout segment! The underground prison has been taken over by zombies and you have to protect the prisoners and help the victims. With the new extended presentation of Zombie Mission, you have to fight with 30 LEVELS! There will be 7 separate supervisors at different levels. Obviously the most grounded boss keeps you firmly on the last level! Don't forget to buy weapons and repair with the coins you acquire while crossing the levels. Zombie Mission 10 is a central activity stage game that includes 30 levels to complete and 7 supervisors to overcome. Take a mission to an underground prison and save each of the prisoners by collecting coins and starting road repairs. The zombie fight mission continues, meet the 10th scene in Zombie Mission 10, which may be final. The relocation will take place in an underground prison, where many people were abducted and there was nowhere to run. Some of the guards and even the detainees became zombies and became a danger to others. Immediately choose the game mode: single or for two and go to save the terrible. Among whom there may be wounded. Complete thirty test but interesting levels. Update weapons and hardware, help each other, assuming you play two by two. Your saints must fight with seven real and amazing overseers in Zombie Mission 10.