Zombie Outbreak Arena

Zombie Outbreak Arena is an endless zombie survival game. Pick up charms while killing zombies and use them to rework your personality to make it stronger.

Zombie Outbreak Arena is an internet based action game where you will fight against swarms of the undead. For each kill, you'll be compensated with XP, which you can then use as a sort of rank up. The game offers you 5 different manuals with a day/night duty cycle. This is important in light of the fact that you get more XP focuses during the evening. As for the weapons, they will be randomly scattered around you. Ammo will be limited, so you really want to switch weapons every now and then. You can also use environmental factors to defeat your opponents. You can shoot a tank on a vehicle so it detonates and kills everyone around.

Zombie Outbreak Arena is a gorgeous hierarchical zombie shooter! You are surrounded by fog and only firearms and your electric lamp will help you kill the zombies in general! Try to get a decent look around on the grounds that the zombies will effectively crawl out of the darkness behind you. Be careful as there are different types of zombies meandering through the level trying to get you. Pay out as much as possible in five unique levels; Go through street, station, maze, park and street. Choose to play during the day or try to make it around the evening with a spotlight ready and get 25% more XP. Augmenting gives you expert focuses that you can spend on abilities and redesigns for your well-being, ammo, searchlights from there, the sky's the limit. There are a total of 40 abilities you can unlock! Try to constantly keep moving and look for decent enhancers and strong weapons that they produce in the guide. Boosters like night vision, safety or detonating projectiles, and weapons like an assault rifle, shotgun, or marksman will help you last longer. There are a lot of weapons and power-ups to secure, so try to last long enough to get them. Turn up the volume to face the awesome soundtrack and start making. Could you survive the zombie outbreak at some point?