Stickman Crazy Box

Stickman Crazy Box is a great assortment of 20 exciting activity games! You can browse Quick Play or Race mode. It's guaranteed that you'll never run out! With the choice to unlock different skins and trinkets, the more you play, the cooler it gets! However, it's really amazing that you can appreciate it with companions - up to 4 players can participate for shared fun. It's safe to say you're up for some insane gaming?

Stickmen have a great time generally pretty good, sometimes their abduction is risky, in some cases against the norm, they are not dangerous, occasionally funny and lively. This time the legends of the new game chose to come up with a whole scheme of games, so to speak, in case you unexpectedly get exhausted and they did it very well, there is lawn mowing with rockets, football with prizes , nooses, hot explosive and many different things that are challenging to go through and obviously welcome everyone will participate in their good times.