Cooking in the Kitchen

Choose a formula and choose how you should make it in Cooking in the Kitchen! Choose a decent outstanding pizza or become a burger chef. You as a junior chef have to take charge of the kitchen at home, set yourself up to become a cafe owner or buy your own food truck after figuring out how to cook. Cook dinner and practice cooking faster and better every time as a Jr Chef! Make cod cooking food with skillful food like a real ace in the kitchen! This game is exclusively a work for children. Make the best burgers around or a solid pokebowl, English breakfast or Italian pasta. No real fixes required in this cooking tycoon game! Just start the experience in the kitchen to start your own home breakfast and serve the best cooking dinners. We have different plans for you in this kitchen cooking game. You can choose what to heat: fries and a burger, donuts, soup, spaghetti with meatballs, sushi, pizza, sorbet, cake and much more! You can decorate most of the plates with various fixings or toys.