Alien Reform

Alien Reform is a 3D endurance shooter. The game has a level framework and the underdogs become more grounded with each level.

There are 6 different manuals. These guides change every 12 levels. There is a "FULL boss" battle before each level change. All the outsiders are powerful and you have to destroy them to get to the new leadership.

There are 4 legends; 3 of these legends can be purchased. "Daily Positioning Table" is determined towards the end of the day with the "Player XP Day by Day" focus you get towards the end of the level. You can purchase new characters with the "GOLD" you have acquired due to this placement table. This "Daily Positioning Table" is refreshed every day.

There are 15 sci-fi weapons; these weapons can be purchased and upgraded with in-game money. Strong weapons are expected to destroy strong zombies. You can also blast zombies with the Bazooka. Enter the rating in the "daily ranking table" with the "daily XP you have gained. Buy new legends with the "Gold" you get in this table, which resets sequentially.

Once every 1000 years, on one of the planets, gladiatorial battles are held between different races living in our world. Today, as a fighter from the planet Earth, you will participate in these battles in the game Outsider Change. A field will appear on the screen in front of you, in which your persona will be equipped with combat weapons and pistols. At the signal, the battle will begin. Using the control keys, you will control the legend's activities. You have to look for the opponent while moving around the field. When you spot it, attack. Using weapons and melee weapons, you have to destroy the enemy and get foci for them. After passing the enemy, you'll actually want to get the rewards that will drop from him.

Test your courage with Alien Reform is an amazing and exciting 3D endurance shooter game as you take part in a level framework loaded with powerful outsiders ready to obliterate you and your general public to take over.

There are 6 different guides that will change as you progress through 12 exclusive levels. Before you change levels, a sneaky supervisor will catch on to test your tenacity as a fighter. Buy up to 15 different weapons to become an invulnerable fighter and prevent your wild enemies from climbing to triumph. Blast many opponents to smithereens and effectively resolve this dangerous duel by driving out the unequivocally attacking outsiders - shoot bravely and restore sanity to the world as far as we are concerned!