is a multiplayer game where you have to conquer the world! You start with a guide full of small kingdoms and cities. You must monitor and order your cities and troops to take control of the cities of different players. Defeat the entire guide and you win! Watch out for your food supplies though! As Napoleon said, "War is waged on the stomach," so a lack of food means your soldiers can't fight. Taking control of the squares in the guide and connecting them to your cities will ensure that the food keeps coming, so try to keep your kingdom connected. Is it true that you are vital enough to win in is a fast-paced multiplayer strategy game where you have to craft and command your military to take control of the entire leadership. Try to defeat the tiles and acquire assets so that you can create stronger armed forces and support them otherwise, they will not pass! Conquer and rule in the domain. is a multiplayer triumph game that challenges you to rule the world! Start in the middle of a guide overflowing with small kingdoms and cities. Your task is to productively lead and direct your cities and troops in capturing the cities of other players. Triumph occurs after overcoming the entire guide. Vigilance over food supplies is essential! Remember that insufficient food wears out your soldiers. Secure regions in the guide by connecting them to your cities to ensure a constant flow of food and maintain a connected kingdom. Do you have the basic ability to earn on