Shady Bears

Shady Bears is an exciting platform game in which you play as an adorable bear on a mission to collect as many oak seeds as can be expected under the given circumstances. The curve? Your most prominent opponent is actually your own shadow! Make sure you stay away from your shadows that will haunt you and present themselves carefully for anything you can do. You can't keep anything to support your oak seed count, but watch out for the honey bees that are attracted to the honey. Look for supportive fireflies that can forgo shade. What's more, here's the silly part - you can co-op with comrades! Cooperate to stay out of each other's shadows and collect oak seeds for success.

I can't help but think why do bears need red oak seeds? Maybe they're planning nutrition for the colder time of year, maybe they're about to eat, but that doesn't matter. The most fascinating thing is that they need help and there is no one to help the adorable bears but you. Come along with us for a little escape and get involved with the fun legends of the arcade game, doing whatever it takes to avoid hurtful honeybees and, on top of that, your own shadow.