Super Snappy Pet Hop

Super Snappy Pet Hop is a simple bouncing game where you control a pet by sliding, intending to land completely on the jumping cushions and make amazing combos. This addictive challenge tests your abilities and reflexes as you aim for the highest score. Get ready to jump right into it and become amazing at combo work in this exciting gaming experience!

In Super Snappy Pet Hop, cooperate with your adorable pet and challenge different players. Everyone in this enjoyable race is dedicated to winning, so make an honest effort to bounce your way to the highest point on the scoreboard. What number of opponents could you eliminate at any given time?

Your goal in this game is to secure more focuses than the players you are coordinated with in order to win. The moment you start the game, you will be coordinated with a player and each player plays the game reciprocally. On-going interaction and controls are clear! The moment it's your turn, you take command of your pet. Your pet will jump forward all by itself and you have to click and hold the left mouse button and move the cursor left and right to move your pet. You have to make sure it lands on the stages. As you progress and jump starting from one stage and then onto the next, you will gain focuses. Don't forget about the coins! Collecting them is optional, but you can unlock various restorative things with them. The moment you miss a stage, the game will end and you will accept your last score.

Play with Super Snappy Pet Hop in an exciting easy jumping and platforming game where you have to guide a fearless minimal pet by making small jumps to the stopping point by accurately landing on each stage.

It sounds basic, but this habit-forming challenge isn't for everyone! Take a full breath, don't lose your temper and make an honest effort to reach the highest possible score, experience an interesting encounter, open many new characters and have a great time with the cutest little creatures!