Whack the Dummy

Hack the dummy is the craziest ragdoll friend beat them game on the planet! Download the best free stress relief fighting game and take your boredom out on a crash, your new smart friend! Had a terrible day? Want to beat the boss? Need to let off steam? Punch, slap, throw, stab, shoot, smash, freeze and blast into tiny pieces and feel like a ruthless force! Don't stress though, he's a plus size accident model... He was meant to be! Ready to shoot! Merciful, do you need a firearm? We have them all. Weapons, SMGs, Assault Rifles and significantly more! Get the lens in your sights and let it rip! In the event that you like shiny things that slip out of the blue, at that point take a look at the golden desert hawk for an overly fun impact! An explosion shook the room! Guns not your thing? Need something a little louder that packs a BANG? Get your hands on shells, pipe bombs, propane tanks, and a significantly larger store of military-grade weapons! It's time to reach middle age! Rush into battle and issue a powerful call to arms as you brandish your trusty sharp edge! Pick up the Katana and slash your approach to triumph or CRUSH disaster with the innovative Battle Hatchet! Crazy and brilliant! Need something more fun? Somewhat unusual or downright pointless? Look at the snowball and advise the crash to cool down! Or on the other hand cast a naughty spell with the lightning rod! Make your own partner! Collect weird and wonderful ensembles to dress up the crash and modify your personal closest companion!