Ice Man 3D

After an explosion at a research facility, a young man named Jack found a super power within himself. Right now he can handle the ice. Our legend chose to use this ability to fight wrongdoing. He is currently known in his city under the epithet Ice Man 3D. Today our legend has to complete various missions and you will help him in this. Before you on the screen you will see the area where your character will be found. Hoodlums, equipped with tons of weapons, will stay a fair distance away from him. You must help our saint focus. When you do this, he will form an ice bolt and send it at the opponent. In the event that your degree is accurate, a piece of ice will hit the opponent and destroy them. For this you will be given focuses and you will continue to destroy the rivals. You are the Iceman. With your incredible control over components, you have everything you need to make troublemakers cool! Become the frosty hero and protect the city from the bullies who are undermining it. Keep your opponents cold with your super powers and smash them to pieces with your bare hands! You don't have to wield a weapon to wield power over them. Unlock massive stacks of new superpowers and show your solidarity to anyone absurd enough to challenge you! All the power you need is directly in your hands, but you have to think fast and use the best procedure to shoot, hold and eliminate your opponents before they can reach you! Become an ice freezing expert and make sure no one can move outside of your freezing contact!