is a universal Battle Royale game for true pioneers! Crush different players on the battlefield and beat the list of competitors' graphs! Fight for endurance in extraordinary battles, collect epic booty, work on the fighting abilities of your personality! And this is just the beginning, which you can find in the game fight royale. Every wizard is a brilliant individual and, generally speaking, they live alone, away from individuals, cast spells on their mixtures and rehearse spell design. In any case, even among the artists there is a rivalry for the domain and your legend will be in the model of the fight for incomparability in Magica. io He is a novice artist with little experience, but is now ready to use the components of nature to fight rivals. It is your duty to pay tribute and get the most experience while fighting against rivals. Their number will change and will depend on the number of players. Which right now she additionally chose to play Magica. io Take a short training course and then you will act as specified in the terms.