Super Hexbee Merger

Super Hexbee Merger is a puzzle game that challenges you to connect three hexes of different varieties to collect foci. Move the set of hexagons from the base to the frame and connect it with different hexagons of a similar variety to complete the objective and open exclusive "consolidation" hexagons. Anyway, be careful not to run out of grid space! Follow the procedure and place the hexagons in the correct position. Give this addictive puzzle game a try and see if you have what it takes to win.

In the new web-based game Super Hexbee Merger, you will find yourself in a hive of honey bees and help them make full honeycombs. In front of you on the screen you will see a battlefield of a specific shape, which will be isolated in six-sided cells inside. To some extent, they will be loaded with hexagons of various varieties. Below the battlefield you will see a board on which objects with different mathematical shapes will be found. They will also consist of hexagons of various varieties. Using the mouse, you can move these items around on the battlefield and spot them in the locations you've chosen. Your endeavor thus is to find a solitary line of no less than three items of items of a similar variety. When you structure it, you will be given focuses in the Super Hexbee Merger game and this collection of things will disappear from the battlefield.