BAPBAP is a really energizing free multiplayer Fight Royale game where you will actually want to join a skirmish against different groups to become the last standing group in this extraordinary duel.

Your party will consist of different characters, each with unique abilities that will allow you to upgrade your gaming experience. You can be a gifted and heartless stalker, a chronic executioner and loads of different champions and professional assassins with whom you can come up with techniques and strategies to kill your rivals. Stand at the top of the list of competitors thanks to your fortitude and amazing reflexes and show that you can be the best fighter.

Experience the adventure of serious multiplayer action Fight Royale in BAPBAP.
Take part in legendary skirmishes with different factions as you aim to be the last faction standing in this exclusive duel. Customize your party with a different set of characters, each with a new capacity that can enhance your interactivity. Whether you want to be a talented and brutal tracker, a shrewd chronic executioner or a significant hero or a professional assassin, plan and use strategies to kill your rivals without hesitation. With mental strength and lightning-fast reflexes, climb to the top of the contestant list and show what you can do as the ultimate BAPBAP champion.

BAPBAP is an adrenaline-sucking shooter guaranteed to get your heart beating significantly faster. Countless legends to explore, each with their own unique abilities and innovative playstyle, will not leave you indifferent. Choose a stealthy methodology, surprising your enemies from a distant location, or go on a mission to confront your opponents with weapons scattered in the air? There is something for everyone. Are you ready for the most memorable battle? Then, at this point, pick up your weapon and get down to killing your enemies.

In the new web-based game BAPBAP, you will go to a dreamland where you can participate in legendary clashes against different players. Toward the beginning of the game, you must choose a person who has specific abilities for hand-to-hand combat. From this point on, your legend will be in a specific region. You, controlling his activities, have to go around him and collect various things and weapons that can help you in battles. Once you meet the enemy, you will enter into battle with them. By punching and kicking as well as using weapons, you have to wipe out each and every one of your opponents and get tricks for doing so in the BAPBAP game.