Combat Reloaded 2

Combat Reloaded 2 is the first individual multiplayer shooting game and the sequel to the well-known titles Combat Reloaded 2 and Battle On the web. Both are created by NadGames. Enter the field and prepare for a full-scale battle. Check out many different guides for our battle setup and be ready to arm yourself with several different weapons. Battle your opponents in a full scale battle to see which group will win! Do you have the right stuff to rise to the top? Participate in this sequel! This action-packed FPS makes them amazing designs and many guides available. Make your own room, choose your situation and protect yourself! Who will be the last one left after the butcher? In the second part of the game Combat Reloaded 2, you again have to complete missions around the planet related to the destruction of various groups of bandits. You have to choose your ammo and weapons towards the beginning of the game. You will then be moved to the area and start looking for your rivals. Try to move subtly, using terrain highlights and objects you can hide behind. Once you see the opponent, go for your gold weapon against them and open fire to overcome. In a huge gathering of enemies, use explosives.