Blob Drop

Blob Drop is a great watermelon game from the well-known Suika species. This is a consolidating puzzle game where you decisively drop different types of tables into a cup. Watch the fun tables fall individually and when two of a kind meet, they combine into a bigger table! You want to make the biggest mass possible without overflowing the cup. In case the glass gets too full and the table spills, you're done! How huge could you at any time develop your table?

The progress in watermelon puzzles is clearly evident and natural products, as the main components are slowly replaced by other, additional charming components. In Blob Drop game you have to control beautiful air pockets. Their advantage, in contrast to solid elements, is that the delicate, flexible air pockets can fit minimalistically into limited space. In any case, the riddle is the same as the others. You have to drop round drops by trying to connect two of a similar kind and complete the levels by getting the perfect drop in the Blob Drop.