Roper is a stage game where you control a running person with one tap through many levels with obstacles and bluffs. Your personality moves naturally and probably stops when it hits a hard object or wall. Tap and bounce at the right second to keep your personality on course, and tap and hold again to exit the stages with the earth color circle. You need to collect each of the coins in the level to complete it effectively. Can you complete every one of the 100 levels in Roper at some point?

Now is the right time to bounce constantly in the Roper game as you lead a cute little guy through an exciting climate full of currencies and stages, provided you collect all the gold in each level, you will get a chance to win!

Constantly bounce at the right second, try not to fall into dangerous and sharp dangerous traps and throw a plant to move between distant stages all together to avoid falling into the water. This is the best way to get through many levels efficiently!