Tiny Dangerous Dungeons

Tiny Dangerous Dungeons is a stage game where you stay in dungeons to hunt for treasures. In this pixel-crafted metroidvania experience, you can explore a massive prison, face off against nasty animals, collect collectible power-ups, and gain new abilities to help you on your journey. The things you've collected can be the way to open new tabs, so consider exploring everywhere. The game is styled in the 90s with perfect monochrome pixel art, so you can feel the sentimentality while playing. Could you at some point help Timmy survive the minor dangerous prisons and become the best tracker of wealth on the planet? Star Tip: Check out the Time Preliminary mode for a nice test after completing the game. Jump into an exemplary pixel art Metroidvania experience with the little lucky tracker Timmy! Explore a giant prison, collect hidden power-ups and gain new abilities to help you on your journey! Will Timmy ever be able to survive the small dangerous prisons and track down the apparently colossal fortune?