Stickman Parkour 2: Lucky Block

Stickman Parkour 2: Lucky Block is a 2D stickman parkour game where you flip, edge bounce and double jump in your direction through 80 new levels! Watch out for obstacles like dynamite or ice and use handy blocks like mud to send yourself forward! Compete against another stickman in each level and test your abilities to see if you can become the ultimate parkour legend.

Stickman and experience have been interchangeable for quite some time! Our crazy companion appreciates a wide range of endeavors and each time he races with delight to meet new experiences. Today you can consolidate it and embark on a confusing venture. Have we figured out how to get you interested? Indeed, welcome to the awesome action game Stickman Parkour 2: Lucky Block.

Stickman Parkour 2: Lucky Block is a stuffed parkour game where you overcome obstacles using your parkour abilities. Go around obstacles, climb ledges and reach the portal in this blocky Minecraft world! Bounce Vex-style on the slugs to fly higher. Help the stickman go through different biomes and play with different sticks!