Royal Castle

A group of three brave warriors: a toxophile, a knight and a war mage walked as defenders of the palace kingdom from the invasion of snails in the Royal Castle. These are not just snails that you can kick, as well as huge animals with the bodies of jams, but still extremely dangerous and most of them there are a significant number of them. This undermines the security of the palace dividers, and many snails are apparently planning to seize the palace and wipe it out. You will control one character and the rest are limited by other online players. Your group will act whenever a player under your administration is killed. Just when each of the characters falls, your crew will be crushed. In any case, this will not happen if you work on your hardware on schedule, use super capacity in Royal Castle. Enter the field of Royal Castle Clash of Empires with a duel of players from around the world in the best continuous interaction. In this fast-moving permanent multiplayer game you will collect and update a huge number of characters in this game of Imperial Palace.