1 is an intriguing battle for endurance among huge sea goliaths. The most grounded and the smartest will really want to earn their due in this ruthless world. Eat your enemies, grow and become the greatest hunter of the water component! Can it be said that you are ready to become a part of this unusual and risky climate? The game highlights delightful designs and fun melodic effects, as well as clear, addictive interactivity.

Shark io is a multiplayer shark based battleground game where you take to the waters against different sharks to see who is the true master of the ocean! Choose your weapon from a range of really cool horns and also customize your personality to transform into other ocean (and some not-so-ocean) animals! Don't forget to use your speed lifts to get past the opposition. Develop your lifting bar by collecting the white objects in the water and increase your score by collecting the stars! Can you become the dominant hunter at any moment?