Shovel Pirate

Yar har you dirty huggers! Now is the time to head out to experience and find unimaginable riches with Shovel Pirate! In this experience platformer you have to find each one of the diamonds that are covered around the islands. Some of them are very covered, so keep your eyes open! Besides diamonds, there is more luck that can be traced to the earth. Find turnips to eat and build your well-being, or go hunting for collectibles! Each level has an unusual collectible to find. Find each of the pearls and beat each of the levels and you will unlock the high ranked completion! Can you track down all the treasure at any time, defeat each of the opponents and become the most extravagant privateer of the Seven Oceans?

If you think privateers only wanted scoops for one thing - uncovering treasure, then you're wrong. The Privateer's Digger is for all intents and purposes a vastly superior sword. Each privateer using a mining tool can control the enemy, for example, the legend of a magnificent platformer, in which you have the pleasure of joining a fearless privateer and going on an expedition together!