Hammer 2: Reloaded

Kill the crooks in Hammer 2: Reloaded! Your heartless watchman serves an exclusive brand of equity. Instead of catching hooligans, you are essentially ending their lives. Spend your money on a pack of flies, unlimited shells and God mode. The vehicle generator makes vehicles appear everywhere. Complete various missions, constantly killing enemies. Collect money and major repairs at the same time! Get involved with Hammer 2, a GTA-style crime game. Hammer 2: Reloaded is a very fun shooting game that you can play online and for free on Igrifree. You'll love this cool fast-paced activity, Hammer 2: Reloaded. Move around the city, killing all your attacking opponents before they destroy you. Look for packed packages, weapons, welfare rewards, money, and then some as you try to complete your missions. Go ahead, get in the vehicles and use turrets with firearms to destroy vehicles, bad people and surprisingly entire structures. Your only goal is to kill as many enemies as possible, because you can show leniency and destroy them! Do you think you have the courage to act like that? Discover now and play with Hammer 2: Reloaded!