Cactu-Sama 2

Cactu-Sama 2 is a game where you help our adorable prickly plant find its inflatable hollow again while using beautiful blocks to make your way, avoid water and spikes, solve unusual puzzles and get all the pieces of making.

Cactu-Sama 2 is a puzzle game created by Diemorth. Help our cactus companion find his den in the desert by going through stunts, spikes, traps and whimsical blocks. Turn on and off the obstacles in a brilliant way to get through the levels without suffocating. Move over or under the blocks without contacting the water and make a foolproof exit! Could you at some point complete each level before your companions? Share the game with them and find out.

Rain in the desert is extremely rare. In any case, today is just the day when water-flowing mists rolled over the desert sands. This can become an obstacle for a cactus who chooses to visit grandmother, for which he very much wants to cross the entire desert. Make sure the cactus doesn't get wet.