Super RunCraft

Super RunCraft has your back for the craziest run ever! In the 3D pixel world, you need to run as fast as possible without hitting any obstacles. Help your Minecraft character complete his run without any harm and win. Collect the coming diamonds and be prepared for the additional sponsors among the dangerous obstacles. Try not to let that nice appearance fool you, because this game will drive you crazy! Right now, in case you are prepared, let the run begin. Your main goal is to move as fast as possible without compensating for lost time on any obstacle. You will see different moving objects that you need to be careful of like rocks, trees and many more. Use the right and left bolts to move, the up bolt to bounce and the down bolt to slide. To play this game you need to be great at timing. Use the bolts to jump and slide when you are so close to the obstacles. If not, you're going to break down as you have a limited ability to keep bouncing and sliding. Watch your score on the left half of the screen. On the right side you can see the pearls you have acquired in the game. Use them to purchase another character appearance if you don't need to change the default one. You can check the scoreboard towards the end. The moment you bite the dust, you restart the game, but your earnings remain. Good luck and make the most of your run!