Criminals is a pixelated shooter where players take charge of a group. The goal of the game is to defend your turf against rival possessions. The illustrations are retro and pixelated, but the ongoing interaction is energizing, extreme, and ridiculous. You can use alternate weapons such as guns and automatic rifles to fight the opposing packs. The continuing interaction is based on physical science. You must control each of the three individuals in your party. Use the W key to push your crew forward and use the E key to raise your unit's arms to fire their weapons or strike with clenched hands. Would you be able to defeat different poses and show who the real mob boss is? Try to take out all your opponents in this fun two player game. Jump and shoot as you try to take out each of your 3 enemies while trying to keep each of your 3 alive. Play against a local companion or against the AI ​​if you have no companions. Try to crush your opponent as fast as possible in this epic web based shooting match.